(published on 07/14/2023)


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Overdrive has been updated, please contact 
the library at 361-758-2350 to update your 
password. Usernames remain the same.
 The Overdrive app is no longer available. 
Libby is the new application for Overdrive. 
App can be found on the app store.
 Attached is a slideshow that will help
 you get started with Libby. 

(published on 09/13/2019)

Author of the Month

This month we are featuring author Christina Dodd. Dodd is an award-winning novelist with over 15 million books in print. She is one of the most popular American authors of suspense, romance, paranormal, and historical romance books. Dodd’s best-known series include the Virtue Falls series, the Fortune Hunter series, and The Chosen Ones. In 1980, after the birth of her first daughter, she decided to stay at home and make her first attempts at writing a novel, eventually she wrote three manuscripts over the next decade. However, Dodd’s efforts into writing proved to be disappointing, two of Christina’s three manuscripts receiving rejections on a consistent basis from various publishers. Finally, in 1991, her third manuscript Candle in the Window won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award and was published that same year by Harper Collins. Dodd’s latest novel, Every Single Secret, is a standalone thriller guaranteed to keep you in suspense.

(published on 10/04/2023)

ESL Classes

(published on 11/16/2023)

New Titles in the Library

Adult Fiction

Every Single Secret – Christina Dodd

The Hunter – Tana French

Murder at la Villette – Clara Black

Leave No Trace – A.J. Landau

The Mystery Writer – Sulari Gentill

Galway Confidential – Ken Bruen

Young Adult/Junior Fiction

Bumps in the Night – Amalie Howard

Camp Launchpad – Greg Smith

(published on 03/02/2023)

Portal of Texas History

The Portal of Texas History has started to upload AP Progress newspapers (1935-1945). The following link will take you to the site.

(published on 11/04/2016)

Quote of the Day

"With a library you are free, not confined by temporary political climates. It is the most democratic of institutions because no one � but no one at all � can tell you what to read and when and how." ~ Doris Lessing
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