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(published on 01/04/2016)

Author of the Month


This month’s featured author is Patricia MacDonald. Patricia MacDonald, pseudonym of Patricia Bourgeau, is a writer American of novels. 
She was born on August 1, 1949 in Greenwich in Connecticut. Patricia MacDonald grew up in Greenwich in Connecticut . She studied journalism and obtained her doctorate at Boston University . After that, she worked on many magazines, ranging from medical journals to women's magazines. The path she then traced in the thriller probably stems from her marriage to the writer Art Bourgeau , moreover, a bookseller specializing in the noir novel . She published Atonement ( The Unforgiven ), her first crime novel, in 1981, when a young woman "wrongfully sentenced to twelve years in prison for the murder of 
her lover" 1 , falls on her way out of prison in the trap of evil machination. Patricia Macdonald's darkly hypnotic tales have captivated readers across America, as 
well as in France, where she is a #1 bestselling author. Her previous novels include Suspicious Origin, Stranger in the House, Not Guilty, and the Edgar Award-nominated The Unforgiven. She lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey, where she is always working on her next novel. Her novels are translated into several languages, including Japanese, French and Swedish. Six titles have been adapted for television. Her latest novel, Girl in the Woods, is a gripping 
novel of psychological suspense.
(published on 07/01/2018)

Movie Afternoon

(published on 07/01/2018)

Movie Afternoon

(published on 07/01/2018)

Portal of Texas History

The Portal of Texas History has started to upload AP Progress newspapers (1935-1945). The following link will take you to the site. 


(published on 11/04/2016)


(published on 04/18/2016)

Quote of the Day

"A well-stocked, well-staffed library is like a gardener who plants books, knowledge, and dreams and grows readers, learners, and do-ers." ~ Laura Purdie Salas
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