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(published on 01/04/2016)

Author of the Month

Dale Brown, born 2 November 1956, is an American writer and aviator known for aviation techno-thriller novels. At least thirteen of his novels have been New York Times Best Sellers. Brown was born in Buffalo, New York, and was one of six children. At 15, he began flying instruction, eventually earning a private pilot's license. He graduated in 1978 from Penn State University with a degree in Western European history.

Brown joined the Air Force ROTC while in college. He received a commission in the United States Air Force in 1978. He was a navigator-bombardier (now known as a weapon systems officer (WSO)) in the B-52 Stratofortress G-model long-range heavy bomber and the FB-111A Aardvark medium range bomber. He left the Air Force in 1986, having never seen combat. He is a Life Member of the Air Force Association and the U.S. Naval Institute.

Brown is married. His wife Diane is a retired Sacramento police lieutenant and (like her husband) is also a pilot. They have a son, Hunter, and they reside near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He enjoys flying his plane, a Grumman Gulfstream II. He is a mission pilot in the Civil Air Patrol. On the ground, he enjoys tennis, motorcycling, skiing, scuba diving, and ice hockey.

In April 2004, Brown pleaded guilty to charges of tax fraud. He was charged with creating companies in the West Indies for the purposes of receiving tax deductions from fictitious expenses. The fictitious expenses amounted to more than $440,000, which Brown claimed on his 1998 income tax filing. He then used the tax deductions to remodel his home in Incline Village, Nevada.

Brown's first paid writing was a review of Fort Apocalypse for Compute's Gazette. In 1986, while still in the Air Force at Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento County, California, he wrote his first book, Flight of the Old Dog. His novels have been published in eleven languages and distributed to over 70 countries. He published 11 bestsellers in 11 years.



(published on 06/01/2019)

Movie Afternoon

Every 4th Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m., we will host an Afternoon Movie at the Library featuring a just released movie. This month’s feature is A Madea Family Funeral. This PG 13 rated film is a comedy. A joyous reunion in small-town Georgia turns into an unexpected nightmare when Madea, Joe, Aunt Bam and other family members gather for an anniversary party that turns out to be a sham. Instead of fun and relaxation, Madea and the gang soon find themselves attending an elaborate funeral that doesn't quite go according to plan.

(published on 06/01/2019)

ESL Classes

(published on 08/29/2018)

Portal of Texas History

The Portal of Texas History has started to upload AP Progress newspapers (1935-1945). The following link will take you to the site. 


(published on 11/04/2016)


(published on 04/18/2016)

Quote of the Day

"As a child, my number one best friend was the librarian in my grade school.� I actually believed all those books belonged to her." ~ Erma Bombeck
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